Got an 800-Pound Gorilla? Confrontation Time

"In today’s Advisor, business and leadership blogger Dan Oswald, author of The Oswald Letter and CEO of BLR®, offers his thoughts on dealing with an 800-pound gorilla—as every office seems to have at least one."

One of the national hotel chains, in an attempt to attract business travelers, advertises that if you stay at its hotels, you’ll be able to take on “the 800-pound gorilla in the room.” The ad shows Regional Manager Amy, after spending a night in one of the hotels, being able to tame the chest-pounding 800-pound gorilla the next day in her meeting.


Practical Examples: FMLA to Care for Children 18 and Above

"In yesterday’s Advisor, we offered guidelines for the minefield of FMLA leave for children 18 and older. Today, concrete examples from DOL of how to manage this leave, plus an introduction to the all-things-compensation-in-one-place website,"

My 20-year-old daughter has been put on bed rest because of her high-risk pregnancy. I am the only one available to care for her. Can I take FMLA leave for this reason?

Maybe. In order to take FMLA leave to care for your adult daughter, she must be incapable of self-care due to a disability and you must be needed to care for her because of a serious health condition. While any incapacity due to pregnancy will be a serious health condition for FMLA purposes, pregnancy itself is not a disability. However, pregnancy-related impairments may be considered disabilities if they substantially limit a major life activity.


The 5 Hoops—FMLA Leave over Children 18 and Older

"Employees who are eligible for FMLA leave who want to take leave to care for a child 18 years of age or older must jump through five hoops to qualify."
  • First, the child must meet the FMLA definition of a “son or daughter.”
  • Second, the child 18 years of age or old must be “incapable of self-care.”
  • Third, the incapability for self care must be because of a mental or physical disability at the time FMLA leave is to commence.
  • Fourth, the child must have a serious health condition for which he or she needs care.
  • Fifth, the employee must be “needed to care for” the adult child.


How to Set Hard Goals for Soft Objectives

"In yesterday’s Advisor, expert Dr. Lynn B. Ware offered best practices in goal-setting. Today, how to set measurable goals for soft objectives, plus we announce a timely webinar on pay-for-performance."

Some goals are easily measured, but some, like adhering to company values, are harder to measure, says expert Dr. B. Lynn Ware. Values are an important part of the company culture, but how can you make the measurement of values concrete, quantifiable, and qualitative?

For example, says Ware, take a public relations agency that wants to encourage five factors:


Why Don’t Employees Perform?

"Everyone knows that performance appraisal is important, but most employers have trouble making their systems meaningful, says Dr. B. Lynn Ware. Start by defining performance and figuring out why employees don’t perform, she says."

What Do We Mean by “Performance”?

Let’s define performance as behavior demonstrated in a particular way for another group of people that causes a defined result, says Ware, who is president and CEO at Integral Talent Systems, Inc. Her remarks came during a recent BLR-sponsored webinar.


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