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Forget lengthy, overcrowded sites or blogs that you don’t have time to read anyway.  Compensation Daily Advisor presents just ONE tip, piece of compensation news, or compliance advisory a day … readable in 5 minutes or less. Check us out every morning and see how easy it is to keep up with changing compensation management trends.

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However you get your Daily Advisor, it’s news you can use. We focus on common workplace issues like:

  • Compensation Administration – how to administer compensation challenges including software, payroll, tax, and communication
  • Compensation Planning – how to manage job evaluation, interpretation of survey data, setting of rate ranges, determining individual pay rates, etc.
  • Executive Compensation – how to determine and deliver compensation, deferred compensation, equity compensation, and perquisites to upper level managers and corporate officers
  • Pay for Performance – how to develop and manage all forms of compensation that are based on performance of individuals, departments, or entities
  • Sales Compensation – how to devise and manage sales compensation packages
  • Work-Life – what organizations are doing to enhance work-life balance for employees
  • Wage and Hour – how to comply with FLSA regulations relating to exemptions, minimum wage, and overtime
  • Benefits -how to manage the wide variety of benefits including health care, life, and disability insurance, and retirement benefits

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Compensation Daily Advisor comes from Business & Legal Resources, a name compensation professionals have known and trusted for more than 30 years. Check us out and you’ll know why we serve more than 90 percent of the Fortune 500 and why 200,000 of your colleagues receive our Daily Advisors every day. You can read more about BLR here.

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