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The Role of HR In Compensation Decisions

Today, we’re continuing our coverage of highlights from the results of the BLR® 2015–2016 Pay Budget Survey. Full survey results are available to our® subscribers on the website.

The Results Are In! Highlights from BLR’s 2015-2016 Pay Budget Survey

How much have your pay rates increased in 2015? What will they be in 2016? Are they tied to the market or internally driven? What’s going on with your peer companies around the country?

Why Employee Misclassification Is Such a Hot-Button Issue for the DOL

Yesterday, we looked at whether the Department of Labor (DOL) is actually drawing tighter lines around the definition of “independent contractor” or merely restating its existing position on the problem of misclassification. Today, we’ll get some thoughts directly from DOL administration on precisely why the DOL is so concerned about this issue.

Do You Hire Independent Contractors? Are You Sure?

Business like to hire independent contractors because they tend to be cheaper than employees. The problem arises when those independent contractors are actually employees.

Employee Leave—What’s Really Happening?

Employers struggle to provide a balanced and fair leave package for their employees. What’s happening with employee leave in the real world? What are your competitors up to? Help us find out!

DMEC Strategies for Navigating the Paid Leave ‘Patchwork’

Yesterday, we began to discuss how most employers struggle with managing leave of absence issues, understanding Family and Medical Leave Act laws, and knowing when a family medical leave of absence is covered by state or federal law. But now there’s a new wrinkle to consider in an increasing number of places: legally mandated paid leave. Today, Susan Schoenfeld, JD, BLR’s senior legal editor, provides some guidance.

What You Need to Know About the New FMLA Forms

In late May 2015 the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) issued its long-awaited new Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) forms. It was hoped that the new forms, which do not expire until May 31, 2018, would contain multiple changes clarifying long-standing issues regarding genetic information, spousal coverage, and lack of clarity in the certification process.

Crafting an Effective Salary Structure: Art or Science?

Yesterday, we got some insights on the importance of a well-structured approach to compensation at your organization, courtesy of J. Timothy O’Rourke. Today, we look at his take on whether building an effective salary structure is more of an art or a science.

Pay Grades Are Key to Fair, Competitive Compensation

Whether you want to reward performance, time, knowledge, skills, or competencies, determining pay grades is the first step to creating an equitable, competitive compensation system. Without accurate pay grade determination, it won’t matter how valid the pay survey data you acquire are—your internal compensation will likely be too high or too low.