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Benefit planning inevitably involves tradeoffs between an ideal package and one that will maximize the desired impact at a price that can be afforded. These articles will provide how to information on managing the wide variety of benefits including health care, life, and disability insurance, and retirement benefits.

Don’t Wait for Permission—Take Action

It’s not uncommon for me to say, “I’d rather hire someone who will ask for forgiveness than someone who must ask for permission before taking action.” If you’re going to accomplish anything in life, you must be willing to act. And when you do, things don’t always turn out exactly as you would like. Sometimes you must step back, alter your course, and try again. But give me the person who is prone to action. It’s like the great race car drivers say: “To finish first, you must first finish.” And to finish, you must get off the starting line.


What Are You Afraid Of? (Childhood Taunt or Manager’s Advice?)

It sounds like a childhood taunt. “What are you afraid of?” If you close your eyes for a minute, chances are you can go back in time and recall a situation in which you were asked that exact question. Someone was trying to push you into doing something you really didn’t want to do—daring you to push beyond your comfort level


Holidays Are Coming—Who’s Offering What for Time Off?

Holidays are one of the most popular perks you can offer. What’s happening out in the real world? What are your competitors offering? What are best practices? Help us find out!


Chick-fil-A Founder—Embodiment of Servant Leadership

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the phrase “servant leadership.”


Employee Leave—What’s Really Happening?

"Leave is one of the most important benefits; what’s happening out in the real world? What are your competitors up to? Help us find out!"

Please participate in our brief survey and see how what you are doing stacks up against what other successful companies are doing.


Benefits from Cars to Credit to Counseling to Charity

"In yesterday’s Advisor, we featured results about healthcare benefits from the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) 2014 Benefits Survey; today, the survey’s results for other types of benefits."

The survey, sent to a random sample of SHRM members, had 510 respondents, which was a 13% response rate.


Healthcare Benefits—Who’s Offering What? (SHRM Survey)

"What benefits are commonly offered and which benefits might you have overlooked? The Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) 2014 Employee Benefits Survey will help you to figure it out."

The survey, sent to a random sample of SHRM members, had 510 respondents, which was a 13% response rate. SHRM released the survey at its Annual Conference and Exposition, held recently in Orlando.


Stumped? New Perspective=New Solutions

"Yesterday I happened down a road I drive on occasionally. I typically take the road northbound as a shortcut to a particular destination. But yesterday I found myself driving south on the same road and barely recognized it. In fact, I had to turn to my wife and ask if we were on the right road. The surroundings seemed unfamiliar to me despite the fact that I travel on the road a couple of times each month."

It dawned on me that if you change the angle from which you look, you might see things you’ve never seen before. Swiss comedian and artist Ursus Wehrli once said, “I like to turn things upside down, to watch pictures and situations from another perspective.” Maybe that is what each one of us needs to do as we struggle with problems and issues in the workplace. Step back and find a new perspective, and maybe you’ll come up with a different solution.


Survey—Background Checks on Social Media? Policy Enforcement?

"In yesterday’s Advisor, we covered 2014 Policy Survey results for policy development and distribution; today, policy enforcement and background checks."

Policy Focus: Background Checks

Multiple states and cities have enacted laws in recent months that govern the use of background checks, so this year’s survey takes a closer look at those policies. We kicked it off by asking how many survey participants have background check policies (74.4%) then moved on to ask how many apply background checks to all newly hired employees and found that 79.4% use them. We learned a few other things about background checks as well, including:


Severance Agreements: Drafting Do’s and Don’ts for Avoiding EEOC Attention

"In light of two recently-filed EEOC lawsuits, severance packages are even trickier than before, says Attorney Joel Van Parys. It’s fine to use a template for agreements, but it is important to look at them individually."

Van Parys, who is with Carothers DiSante & Freudenberger LLP in Sacramento, offered his tips at the SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition held recently in Orlando.

Recent EEOC Actions

Two recently filed lawsuits, in which severance agreements were called  overly broad and unenforceable, may help employers fashion their own severance agreements, says Van Parys.


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