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Establishing an effective compensation administration program requires job analysis, job evaluation, and job pricing. A successful program will help attract top talent, retain core employees, and encourage longevity while efficiently using financial resources. Our articles and tips on Compensation Administration will provide you with How to information on compensation challenges including software, payroll, tax, and communication.

‘I am appalled’ by SHRM/HRCI Brouhaha’ (Talk-Back)

"We got a large number of comments responding to last week’s epinion concerning the brouhaha brewing over SHRM’s decision to start offering its own certifications, in competition with HRCI. [See the original post here.] None of the comments is positive and most of the negativity is directed toward SHRM."

Two readers cleverly turned the sample question against SHRM. (See “Back at You” below.) Here are the responses:


I am appalled at these two are having such a dispute. They should find common ground for the benefit of Advancing the Profession. Grow Up!


Is Zappos’ Radical Approach to Recruiting Right for You?

"Yesterday’s Advisor featured BLR legal editor Jasmin Rojas’ take on Zappos’ new approach to recruiting—all on social media, no postings. In this issue, more of her thoughts about how you may learn from their initiative."

In the past year, Zappos received about 31,000 applications, and only hired about 1.5% of the applicants. This prevented the company’s small recruiting team from “working in a purposeful way,” according to Mike Bailen, senior HR manager. Thus, the onus here will really be on the candidate to make him or herself stand out from the crowd in a much less impersonal setting.


No More Job Posting for Zappos—Will It Work?

"You’re just getting used to posting jobs online, here comes pacesetting Zappos with a whole nother approach—do away with your job postings and rely on social media! Wait. … What?"

Bold Experiment or Crazy Idea?


HR Policies—What’s Happening in the Real World?

"Policies, backbone of HR management, a world that’s constantly changing. What policy changes are going on out there? What are your competitors up to? Help us find out!"

Please participate in our brief survey, and see how what you are doing stacks up against what other successful companies are doing.

We’ll get answers to these questions and more:

  • Who develops policies? Who has final approval of policies?
  • How often are policies updated?
  • Do you have a policy on social media background checks?
  • What outside vendors do you use for background checks?


Certification Brouhaha at SHRM Orlando

"The big buzz at the SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition revolved around SHRM’s announcement that it will start offering its own professional certifications. Why is it happening and what does it mean for HR pros?"

Speaking about the other entity, SHRM and HRCI both said to HRDA, “Their interpretation of ‘partnership’ Is not the same as ours.”

SHRM found HRCI intransigent on the issue of adding competencies to the certification process. HRCI says that SHRM defines “partnership” as controlling and their position threatened HRCI’s independence, which they believe is necessary to maintain the integrity of the certification process.


4 Business Lessons from Walt Disney and Mary Poppins

"Last night, my wife encouraged me to watch the movie Saving Mr. Banks, and I’m glad she did. The movie, which stars Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks, tells the story of Walt Disney’s dogged quest to obtain the rights to make a movie based on P.L. Travers’ Mary Poppins."

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t seen the movie and would like to, you might want to stop reading because I’m about to reveal the entire plot.

According to the movie, Disney spent more than 20 years pursuing Travers (whose real name was Helen Goff) to obtain the rights to make a film based on her Mary Poppins novel. It seems Disney had walked into his daughters’ room one night and heard them giggling. When he asked what they were laughing about, they showed him the Mary Poppins book they were reading. Seeing how much his daughters enjoyed the novel, Disney promised to make a movie based on it.


Take control of your time in five minutes or less

"We live in a world where everything moves fast and is interconnected. There was a time when 20 miles may have represented an entire day’s journey. Now we can travel that distance in less than 20 minutes. And information moves even faster. We learn about things that are occurring halfway around the world almost as they happen. Yet despite the fact that we can get so much more done in a day than our ancestors could ever imagine, we still feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day."

All of us begin each day with exactly the same number of hours—24. That’s 1,440 minutes or 86,400 seconds. If we don’t guard those hours, minutes, and seconds, we’ll waste them. That can happen in a number of ways. Often, because we are so connected, we allow others to dictate our day. We find ourselves responding to others instead of setting our own priorities. An e-mail comes in and we respond almost instantly—it’s what people expect. The phone rings, and we pick it up. Someone else is again dictating our day.


Lots of LinkedIn Connections Means Lots of LinkedIn Results

"Yesterday’s Advisor featured the first 6 of consultant Donna Serdula’s tips for maximizing the impact of your LinkedIn page. Today, the rest of her tips, plus an introduction to the all-things-compensation-and-benefits website,®."

[Go here for tips 1 to 5]

6. Build Connections

It’s important to have a lot of connections, Serdula says. This is because first connections can look at each other’s first connections. You get to see their updates/posts, and if they know someone you want to know, you can ask for an introduction via LinkedIn. You also can endorse each other’s skills.


10 Secrets to a Powerful LinkedIn Presence

"When people do a Google search on you, what are they going to find? Your LinkedIn page will often be the only, or at least the first, pertinent return, says consultant Donna Serdula. How to make it work for you?"

Donna Serdula, author of LinkedIn Makeover: Professional Secrets to a POWERFUL LinkedIn Profile, shared her tips at the recent Employers Counsel Network meeting in Austin, Texas. (The Employers Counsel Network is comprised of the attorneys from all 50 states who write BLR’s state-law-based Employment Law Letters.)


‘Why You Hate Work’ (Only 30 Percent of Employees Engaged?)

"Sunday’s New York Times featured an article titled “Why You Hate Work.” Right from the opening paragraph, I must admit, I had my back up a bit."

The article claims it’s very likely that I’m not excited about my work, I don’t feel appreciated while there, I find it difficult to get my most important tasks accomplished, and I really don’t feel like what I do makes a difference. How dare these people tell me what I’m thinking and feeling?! They don’t know me.


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