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Employers have myriad options when it comes to designing a compensation plan, and they must consider and how it will fit into their overall strategy for recruiting and retaining employees. This group of Compensation Daily Advisor articles will provide you with how to information on managing job evaluation, interpretation of survey data, setting of rate ranges, determining individual pay rates, and much more.

The Role of HR In Compensation Decisions

Today, we’re continuing our coverage of highlights from the results of the BLR® 2015–2016 Pay Budget Survey. Full survey results are available to our® subscribers on the website.

The Results Are In! Highlights from BLR’s 2015-2016 Pay Budget Survey

How much have your pay rates increased in 2015? What will they be in 2016? Are they tied to the market or internally driven? What’s going on with your peer companies around the country?

Crafting an Effective Salary Structure: Art or Science?

Yesterday, we got some insights on the importance of a well-structured approach to compensation at your organization, courtesy of J. Timothy O’Rourke. Today, we look at his take on whether building an effective salary structure is more of an art or a science.

Pay Grades Are Key to Fair, Competitive Compensation

Whether you want to reward performance, time, knowledge, skills, or competencies, determining pay grades is the first step to creating an equitable, competitive compensation system. Without accurate pay grade determination, it won’t matter how valid the pay survey data you acquire are—your internal compensation will likely be too high or too low.

Generational Differences at Work Abroad

Yesterday, we got some interesting insights from Jacque Vilet, president of international consulting firm Vilet International, on workplace compensation issues outside the United States. Today, her take on intergenerational differences at work—and some words of wisdom if you’re thinking about launching an overseas location.

Going Global: Not Just for Big Companies Anymore. Could Yours Be Next?

International business practices aren’t an issue for only huge companies anymore—smaller companies are now increasingly reaching foreign shores.

Communicating Metrics Effectively—Strategies for Success

The metrics available to you are literally endless, so you must limit yourself to tracking those that best capture what’s important to your organization. And then, as we’ll discuss today, it’s equally important to communicate that data effectively.

How to Develop Metrics That Truly Matter to Your Organization

Metrics are a simple way to define, measure, and track key performance indicators. Metrics are certainly not unique to compensation and HR—rather, they are used in almost every area of business, government, and education.

Slotting Jobs In When There’s No Market Data for Them

Yesterday, BLR’s Senior Compensation Editor Sharon McKnight, CCP, SPHR, took us through the process of finding compensation data for those slippery jobs that are tough to classify. Today: What to do if you’ve gone through all those steps and still find yourself coming up empty.

Additional Considerations as You Plan Your Salary Strategy: Job Descriptions, Salary Compressions, and More

Yesterday, Amy Letke, SPHR, GPHR of Integrity HR, Inc., took us through the ins and outs of aging factors: Lead, lag, or lead/lag—which is best for your organization? Today, she looks at additional considerations as you set out your compensation philosophy and strategy.

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