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How to determine and deliver compensation, deferred compensation, equity compensation, and perquisites to upper level managers and corporate officers.

Why Compensation Can Be Both Psychological and Political (In Addition to Financial)

Yesterday, we shared some insights on executive compensation committees from Robin A. Ferracone, chief executive officer and founder of Farient Advisors. Today, her views on why compensation can be extremely emotional—and why this shouldn’t be overlooked when you’re managing executive compensation.

Executive Pay: The Evolution of Compensation Committees

Most of us will work our entire lives without ever being present at—let alone participating in—a Board of Directors’ meeting. However, Robin A. Ferracone, chief executive officer and founder of Farient Advisors, has been in more compensation committee meetings than she can count over the course of her career.

Who’s Covered by Proposed SEC Executive Comp Disclosure Rules?

Yesterday, we looked at new executive compensation disclosure rules proposed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Today: who’s covered by the rules, and how to calculate executive compensation that was actually paid out over a given time period.

Proposed SEC Rules Would Mandate New Disclosures for Executive Pay

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently proposed rules that would require companies to disclose the relationship between executive compensation and the company’s financial performance. Today and tomorrow, we’ll look at what these rules mean for employers.

Boomers and Xers Look at Short- and Long-Term Pay Differently

Yesterday, we got some insights from Laura Fries, managing director and executive vice president at Baker Tilly, on pay strategies to retain up-and-coming Gen Xers. Today, her thoughts on short-term versus long-term pay for different generations.

New Pay Strategies Needed to Incentivize a New Generation of Executives

In the upper reaches of corporate America, the largest generation on record is retiring—and a new generation is getting set to take over. And Gen Xers aren’t looking for the same things, compensation-wise, their Baby Boomer predecessors were.

Checklist for Drafting Executives’ Contracts

Yesterday, we looked at the AESC BlueSteps Executive Compensation Report, which revealed that executive compensation is on the rise. Today, we turn to smart drafting of executives’ contracts.

Survey Says … Executive Compensation Is Up

The BlueSteps Executive Compensation Report, recently released by the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), reveals that almost half (44%) of executives at the CEO/president level experienced a rise in total compensation in the last fiscal year.

6 Design Considerations for Executive Pay Plans

Designing your executive pay plan can be daunting—you need to consider a whole host of factors, such as the company's goals and the competitive environment. Let's take a look at some design considerations for effective executive pay plans.

Preparing for a Market Study on Executive Compensation

One of the first things that comes to mind when figuring out how much to pay someone in an executive role is either conducting or purchasing a market study. However, there are several other things that must be completed first.

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