Vacation, Leave, and Time Off—Who’s Offering What?

"Leave, vacation, and sick time are among the most important benefits that attract and retain employees. What are your competitors offering? What’s happening out in the real world? Help us (and you) find out!"

Please participate in our brief survey and see how what you are doing stacks up against what other successful companies are doing.

We’ll get answers to these questions and more:

  • What kind of paid leaves are offered?
  • PTO or separate vacation and sick leave?
  • How much time off for what length of service?
  • Is donating paid time off to other employees allowed?
  • And much more!


Still Babysitting? Go PTO and Get Out of the Babysitting Business

"Spending too much time babysitting? If you are trying to police a rule like “Do not abuse sick leave,” you probably are, says consultant Hunter Lott of “Please Sue Me” fame. How are you going to enforce a rule like that? Babysit your employees? Follow them? Stop! Get out of the babysitting business and go PTO."

Yesterday’s Advisor featured Lott’s “Please Sue Me” presentation. Today, more of Lott’s tips as delivered at the SHRM Conference and Exposition held recently in Orlando.


Please Sue Me—2014 edition

"As usual, consultant Hunter Lott ( drew a large crowd to his SHRM Conference and Exposition presentation, “Please Sue Me 2014.” He opened the presentation with the usual list of “Please Sue Me’s.”"

Lott showcases several “Please Sue Me” actions, and then talks about how to avoid these expensive situations.

‘Distressed Babies’ Comment Draws Apology from AOL Chief

AOL’s CEO defended a policy change (awarding 401(k) matches annually instead of monthly) that he said was needed to counterbalance healthcare expenses such as those caused by two pregnancies where “distressed” babies incurred more than $1 million each in medical expenses. An employee uproar caused him to reverse the policy.
Please sue me, says Lott.


Soft Stuff (Like Rubber Chickens) Gets Results

"Speaking about his unique recognition programs, Yum! Brands Chairman and CEO David Novak says, “Soft stuff gets hard results.” He ought to know, as he’s in charge of recognizing 1.4 million associates in over 40,000 KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell restaurants in 125 countries."

Novak is the author of New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling book, TAKING PEOPLE WITH YOU: the Only Way to Make BIG Things Happen. He offered his thoughts on leadership at the SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition, held recently in Orlando.

No Recognition for 47 Years


Failure to Pay Correctly—#6 on the List of Lawsuit Magnets

"In yesterday’s Advisor, we presented the first five of Attorney Aaron Zandy’s 10 lawsuit magnets—the most costly management mistakes. Today, the rest of the 10, including failure to pay correctly."

[Go here for failures 1 to 5.]

6. Failure to Pay Correctly

Yes, it’s the pay thing. Zandy’s danger zones are:


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