HR Far Removed? I Don’t Think So (‘Seat at the Table’ Talkback)

"Our recent epinion “Human Resources--STILL Not a Strategic Partner?” elicited a number of interesting responses from readers. One lamented about being the last to know, while others boosted the strategic importance of HR"

HR Far Removed? I Don’t Think So

HR is far removed from the people and points that make a difference to the business? Tell that to the disgruntled high performer who’s thinking about leaving the company if better retention efforts aren’t made, or the vengeful terminated employee who sues for an amount that could devastate the company’s finances.


Global Rewards Best Practices? Don’t Follow Them!

"Of course you look at best practices, says consultant Arturo Fisher, but you don’t necessarily follow them—you must analyze your company and the specific situations in various countries in which you do business to find the best compensation approaches."

“Best practices” tend to be what the big multi-nationals do, and that’s often not right for your company, says Fisher, principal at Chicago-based consultant Laurus Strategies.  Along with colleague Patrick Gallagher, he offered his tips at SHRM’s Annual Conference and Exhibition, held recently in Atlanta, Georgia.


Performance Documentation: Can’t Be Sloppy—or Missing

"Yesterday’s Advisor featured key training topics 1 to 4; today, topics 5 and 6 plus an introduction to the new, full-function total training resource, Training Today."

[Go here for topics 1 to 4.]

5. Documentation

Why it’s a problem. Documentation a pain, it’s not an immediate issue, managers don’t know what to write, and no one’s checking to see whether it gets done.


Number One Stay-Out-of-Court Training Topic? Wage/Hour

"We’ve identified the six key manager/supervisor training topics for staying out of court, and—no surprise—wage/hour is number one."

1. Wage/Hour/FLSA

Why it’s a challenge: Supervisors and managers think they know the rules, but the rules are more complex than they think they are.

Typical manager/supervisor blunders:

  • “I won’t pay for unauthorized overtime.” In most cases you must pay for all hours worked even if you forbid workers to work. You can discipline them for disobeying, but you have to pay them.
  • “Yeah, they grab the phone now and again when they’re home.”If non-exempt workers are spending more than a de minimus amount of time answering business phone calls after work hours, they probably need to be paid.
  • “I’m not recalculating overtime just because I gave a little bonus at the end of the month.” Overtime must be paid on the “regular rate” which includes many bonuses and other payments. If the bonuses are awarded after pay for the period has been made, you must recalculate and pay the additional amount.


The Four Signs of Bad Turnover

"Turnover is like stress—some’s good, some’s bad. For sure, it’s good when a loser leaves. No need to terminate, and likely, no lawsuit. And for sure it’s stressful when you lose good people. In today’s Advisor, the four situations in which you should worry."

Four signs of bad turnover are:

  • Your turnover rate is high compared to industry norms
  • Your turnover rate is high compared those with whom you compete for employees
  • A significant number of employees leave to work for competing employers
  • You are losing many of your top performing employees.


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