FLSA: Overtime

The FLSA does not require that overtime be paid for hours worked in excess of 8 hours per day or on weekends or holidays. However, states are permitted to provide workers greater overtime protections than those offered by FLSA. Download Your Free Report on Overtime
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A Message to Readers of the Compensation and Benefits Daily Advisor

To the loyal readers of the Compensation and Benefits Daily Advisor:

Thanks for reading!

Employee Leave—What’s Really Happening?

Employers struggle to provide a balanced and fair leave package for their employees. What’s happening with employee leave in the real world? What are your competitors up to? Help us find out!

What’s the Scoop on Employee File Management?

Is your HR team currently spending way too much time managing documents? Are you struggling to comply with changing laws? What’s happening with document management in the real world? What are your competitors up to? Help us find out!

How to Become an Indispensable Employee

The other day, a colleague passed along an article from Inc. magazine titled “35 Habits That Make Employees Extremely Valuable.” Whether you’re an employee trying to figure out how to make yourself indispensable to your employer or a manager looking for the right type of person for your team, this piece, written by Kevin Daum, is a great place to get some ideas.

When Oversimplification Can Lead to KISSing Away Clarity on Pay-For-Performance

Yesterday, we got some good insights on pay-for-performance from Dan Walter, CEP of Performensation. Today, his surprising take on complexity within your pay-for-performance system.

Is Pay-for-Performance the “New Normal”?

Pay-for-performance, once considered a cutting-edge compensation strategy, has now gone mainstream. Dan Walter, CEP of Performensation, says that competition, performance, and reward have become so intertwined and such an integral part of our everyday lives that they should unquestionably affect the way employees are paid. Today and tomorrow, we’ll share some of his insights in this area.

Brevity Is the Soul of Wit

President Woodrow Wilson was once asked how long it took him to prepare his speeches, and his answer was quite telling. “That depends on the length of the speech,” said Wilson. “If it is a 10-minute speech, it takes me all of two weeks to prepare it; if it is a half-hour speech, it takes me a week; if I can talk as long as I want to, it requires no preparation at all. I am ready now.”

Can You Require Exempt Employees to Take Unpaid Furloughs?

If business is down, you may be considering asking employees to take a short furlough—say, one week without pay—as a means of cutting costs without cutting jobs. Is this permissible for your exempt employees?

An Employee Breaks Your Stuff—Now What? Can You Make Him Pay?

A manufacturing employee fails to follow proper procedure and damages an expensive piece of company equipment. An administrative aide uses a company computer to access pornography and causes a virus to infect the company’s computer system. A terminated sales person fails to return a company cell phone. These and similar scenarios are all too familiar to employers.

Help Your Team Cross the Finish Line Strong—4 Steps to Success

Do your team members know what the ultimate objective is for each project they work on? Do they know what the purpose is—what they’re trying to achieve? Are you confident that you consistently communicate exactly what the goal is for each and every project?

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